Shat Chandi Pooja

Shat Chandi Path Yagya is perform to please the divine mother of all. Devine mother possesses all power of the world. When Shat Chandi is performed, it gives blessing to all and each and every devotee will be the beneficiary of that. The best time for Sat Chandi Path to perform is during the ever day of Navratri and most auspicious on full moon night. This path is also known as Durga Saptashti Path. Sat Chandi path is one of the most powerful texts of Sanatan Dharma and gives blessings and advantages to all. Yagna helps in cleansing of mind, body and soul along with whole surrounding.

The victory of the divine mother over the demon as Mahishasura is mentioned over the Path. The main purpose of the Sat Chandi path Yagya is to get blessings of Goddess Durga. The Sat Chandi Path along with samputit path is the worship of deity as mother and samputit enhances the importance of the Chandi path and eliminate all hurdle of the life.