Narayan Bali Pooja

NarayanNagbali Puja is performed for three days. The ritual is performed by families to liberate souls of their departed family member or members who met an untimely death.

NarayanNagbali Puja has to be performed when there are abnormal deaths, like death by disease, death by suicide, death by fasting, death by animals, death by a curse, death by murder, death by drowning, by snake bite etc.

NarayanNagbali puja is also suggested to get rid of obstacles in business, health problems, education, marriage, accidental death, and also performed to get rid of problems created by curses from mother, father or other family members.

Narayana Bali Pooja is similar to that of the procedures followed in a funeral, wherein a human body (corpse) made out of wheat flour is used. Mantras chanted during the puja invokes the remaining desires of the departed souls. It is believed the ritual allows them to possess the body thus created and the funeral liberates them to the other world. The Nag Bali Puja helps the souls get rid of their sins. For Nag Bali Puja, a snake made out of wheat dough is used.