Foreign Travel

With the progress in science , the transportation and communication industries have
expanded and have made travel much more easier than they used to be years ago (when
boats were the only mode of travel for overseas). This has made the world much smaller
and brought the people much closer than before. Everyone now wants to make a trip
to a foreign country for various different reasons. Foreign Travel Astrology can
help determine if the trips will occur, for what reason they will be, and will they
be fruitful.

In a chart indicate any relation to foreign land. If the sign which suggest movement (Aries,
Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) or the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) govern
these houses or the Lords of these houses, then a travel to a foreign land is suggested.

If the 5th house lord is present in either 9th or 12th house, then the person may
travel abroad for professional reasons, based on his skills as per Foreign Travel Astrology.

Apart from the position of the planets in the houses and signs, the dashas can also suggest long term or short term travel abroad.

If there is a dasha of planet which is in association with the Moon.

If there is a dasha of Venus, Moon, or Rahu (as long as they are placed in the 12th
house in the natal chart).

If there is a dasha of any exalted or debilitated planet.

If there is a sub- dasha of Rahu or Ketu in the major dasha of Rahu.

If there is sub-dasha of Jupiter in the dasha of Saturn (as long as Jupiter is 12th
lord) or If there is a dasha of any planet in association with the 9th lord or when
the period of sade-sathi begins